Architectural Gestalt


Autorul: Gorun Manolescu
Categorie: Etichetă:


We are largely surrounded in increasingly complex technical systems. These systems often border on the absurd even though they rely on logical and physical. This is because they move away from efficiency of natural forms. This text approaches some specific aspects of entities which are achieved by human beings, i.e. those connected to their “formative structure”. I emphasize that the aesthetics, the functions, and efficiency of such products are determined by the consonance between the formative structure and a structure which is found in Nature as, for example, aerodynamics of birds or golden number found both in human body and in artistic and technical products such as Parthenon[1].

Two questions which this text addresses are: What is a “formative structure”? How can the consonance, or harmony, between such structure and that of a “natural” one be approached?

KEYWORDS: Architectural thinking, architectural gestalt, formative structure, logical structure of the functions, physical structure.


Acest text este un pre-print. Prin urmare el va putea fi publicat în altă parte si/sau preluat, integral sau parţial şi cu modificări în alte lucrări ale noastre fără a constitui autoplagiate.

© Gorun Manolescu 2015




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